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Welcome to our website As the name suggests the purpose of our site is to provide you with free information and resources about one of our favorite drinks, the Chococino from Nescafe. We have only been using the Nescafe single serve coffee and chocolate brewers for the last few years, but have found the system to be excellent for our needs of good tasting hot drinks, with little fuss and consistent results.

Out of all the all of the great variety of flavors and tastes in the Nescafe pod range we have enjoyed the Chococino the most – and hence our website to you today. We hope you find the information useful and helps in you making a better purchase choice when deciding on which Chococino to buy any other hot drink option from the Nescafe range.

And so we have included some additional information beyond just the Chococino itself. In seeing what others have been searching for or asking about we have included three additional sections to our site that we trust will be of assistance to you, which are set out below. If you have any questions about any part of please click here or use the Contact Us option from the menu on the right hand side bar.

Chococino Review

Chococino Image 1Nescafe call it velvet milk, which perhaps they aren’t too off from. A great tasting drink, we offer a product review article of the Chococino and a look at your various purchase options. You can access this article (like all the rest) from the menu on the right hand side bar or in this case by clicking here.

Pod Coffee Machines

Pod Coffee Machines Image 2Of course you do need a machine to produce the hot chocolate and coffees using the Nescafe pod system. So we provide a review of the best selling machines and only cover those we feel we can recommend based on price, quality, function and style. Please click here for further details in the article.

Dolce Coffee

Dolce Coffee Image 2You may be interested in not only the hot chocolate drink of the Chococino but some of the great coffees available from Nescafe in their pod range. We cover some of the ones we have enjoyed and can recommend from their extensive range. Please click here to read the article.

Nescafe Rewards

Coming Soon Image 1We have seen a number of questions regarding the Nescafe Rewards program and so we thought it could be useful information for our readers. There is a great rewards from Nescafe for their Dolce Gusto drinkers.

And finally …

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